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Aldershot & District Bus Interest Group Objectives
ADBIG Committee
  • Today ADBIG a thriving bus interest group managed by the ADBIG Committee, a team of elected members who meet regularly under the auspices of the ADBIG Chairman.

  • The ADBIG Committee can be contacted at any time by email at

Group Objectives

  • The Group's objective remains the study of all aspects of the operation, vehicles and installations of the former Aldershot & District Traction Company Ltd and its successors.

ADBIG Constitution

  • Full details of the ADBIG Constitution can be found within the Members' Pages
  • ADBIG is not just about keeping the preserved A&D buses on the road; it is also about keeping the nostalgia and memories of the old Aldershot & District Company and its successors alive.

ADBIG Archive

  • The ADBIG archive contains a vast collection of hundreds of historic photographs, maps, timetables, tickets, duty schedules, not to mention numerous other precious A&D artefacts, many dating from the very first days of the A&D company, some of which were rescued when they were destined for the skip in the run-up to A&D's merger with Thames Valley in the early 1970s.


  • The ADBIG sales stall has an active sales team selling numerous items relating to the old A&D Company, at ADBIG meetings, at various bus events and rallies, and on line.

Joining ADBIG

  • Full details on how to join ADBIG can be found by clicking on "Becoming an ADBIG Member" on this webpage.
ADBIG Membership Benefits
ADBIG Website Members' Section
  • As an ADBIG member you will have special access to the "Members' Section" of the ADBIG website where you can discover:-

Historic Photographs

  • Here you will discover an extensive and growing archive of photographs accumulated over the years that have been carefully scanned and posted for the exclusive benefit of ADBIG members. These range from official company photographs, press photos and cuttings, to photographs taken by an army of enthusiasts, some dating back to the early days of the A&D Company.

The Peter Holmes Collection

  • Another valuable source of historical A&D material was bequeathed to ADBIG from the estate of transport historian and author, Peter Holmes. Today much of Peter's material is available for members to view on the Members' Section of the website.

Newsletter Back Copies

  • The members' section also provides access to most, if not all, of the newsletters published since the formation of the group in 1994 and the wide variety of information and articles that they contain on every aspect imaginable of the old Aldershot & District Company.

ADBIG Events Diary

  • The ADBIG Events Diary where the latest information on events, special meetings, etc, can also be found in the Members Section.
Other Benefits Include:-
ADBIG Newsletter
  • All ADBIG members receive a quarterly newsletter, which, under the diligent enthusiasm of news editor Les Smith, has grown into a comprehensive magazine packed with articles (many contributed by ADBIG members), photos and other information about the group's activities.
ADBIG Activities
Bus Running Days
  • From the early days the group specialised in organising annual Aldershot & District bus running days in the Aldershot, Guildford, Woking and Farnham areas, with the help of South West Trains who generously permitted their railway station car parks to be used as central departure points.

  • These bus running days soon gained a reputation for authenticity, with genuine A&D buses running over historic A&D routes, sometimes even crewed by ex-A&D staff, many wearing authentic A&D uniforms, who had worked on these same routes in the 1960s.

  • Over the years ADBIG events became bigger and bigger until they culminated in the highly successful A&D Centenary Running Day held at Farnborough Airfield, courtesy of Farnborough International Venue and Events (FIVE), on May 27th 2012. Regrettably bureaucratic red tape, financial pressures, a dramatic increase in road traffic on Sundays and other outside considerations, has made it increasingly difficult to stage large bus running events and it is rather unlikely that the large ADBIG events staged during the heady days of the first decade of the 21st century can ever be repeated.

  • However, ADBIG did stage a much lower key, but successful, bus-running event in 2014 based at Farnborough Six Form College and it is anticipated that this could well become a template for future annual events.

Mid Hants Bus Rally

  • During the summer season A&D preserved buses regularly participate in bus rallies and running days organised by other organisations, the highlight of which is the Mid-Hants Railway Bus Rally held annually on the middle Sunday July when around a hundred and fifty preserved buses, including some from the ADBIG fleet, descend on Anstey Park, Alton. Many of these provide free bus rides over historic bus routes in the Alton area.

Members' Tours

  • There is normally at least one ADBIG Members' Tour arranged each year when members can bring along guests to travel to A&D related destinations on preserved A&D buses, with plenty of photo-stops along the way.

ADBIG Members' Meetings

  • During the winter months regular ADBIG meetings are held at Normandy Village Hall, (located between Aldershot and Guildford), when talks and film shows are given, often by senior members of the transport industry.

Christmas Special Supper

  • The December highlight is the convivial Christmas special "Fish and Chip Supper" meeting when members, their guests and ex-colleagues get a chance to chat and exchange tall stories about the "Good Old Days".

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