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Buses and Coaches

ADBIG does not actually own any preserved vehicles in its own right, but currently there are eleven preserved Aldershot & District buses that remain in full running order that make up the so called "ADBIG fleet".

The buses below are privately owned by ADBIG Members and all in authentic Aldershot & District livery. Many of these regularly participate in ADBIG organised events

These ex Aldershot & District buses are:-

Single Deck

  • 1948 Dennis Lancet 980 (Strachan 32 seat coach body)
  • 1950 Dennis Lancet 178 (Strachan 38 seat body)*
  • 1954 Dennis Lancet J10C 196 (Strachan 38 seat coach body)
  • 1954 AEC Reliance 543 (1966 Metro-Cammell 40 seat body)
  • 1956 Dennis Falcon P5 282 (Strachan 30 seat body)
Double Deck
  • 1950 Dennis Lance K3 145 (East Lancs 51 seat body)
  • 1954 Dennis Lance K4 220 (East Lancs 56 seat body)
  • 1958 Dennis Loline 348 (East Lancs 68 seat body)***
  • 1958 Dennis Loline 357 (East Lancs 68 seat body)
  • 1962 Dennis Loline III 462 (Alexander 68 seat body)
  • 1964 Dennis Loline III 488 (Weymann 68 seat body)**
  • 1965 Dennis Loline III 503 (Weymann 68 seat body)***
  • 1965 Dennis Loline III 506 (Weymann 68 seat body)

* = Owned by commercial coach companies
** = Adapted for wheelchair access
*** = Buses 348 and 503 are currently being extensively restored by ADBIG Member Mark Hack

Full details on all these buses are available within the ADBIG Members Section

There are also around a dozen other ex A&D buses and coaches that have been rescued by ADBIG members currently off-road in various stages of restoration.

Alder Valley
  • Recently ADBIG's remit has been extended to include A&D's successors, the Thames Valley and Aldershot Omnibus Company Ltd, "Alder Valley", particularly their operations south of the A30 and, to a lesser degree, later Arriva and Stagecoach services operating within the old A&D area.
  • ADBIG members also own at least two preserved Alder Valley vehicles.

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