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ADBIG CalendarADBIG Calendars 1906 to 2056
You can print any calendar from 1906 to 2056 on an A4 page; the calendar can start on any day of the week and any month of the year, with or without Easter Sundays marked in red, you can also used this file to look up any date from 1906 to 2056.
Also available is a file to make Wall Planners for the years 1906 to 2056.
These are interactive Excel (Microsoft Excel 2000) files.
FREE (Just download and print)
Calendars 1906 to 2056 (106kb)
Wall Planners 1906 to 2056 (119kb)

£.S.D. Calculator
Also available British pre-decimal currency calculator, adding/subtract Pounds, Shillings, Pence and Farthings.
This is also an interactive Excel (Microsoft Excel 2000) file.
£.S.D. Calculator (42kb)

A&D Newsletter Binders
Hard backed in light or dark green. @ £7.00 including P&P
Each will hold 18 editions Sorry Sold Out

2006 Running Day
1906 - 2006 Celebrating 100 years of Buses in Aldershot & Farnborough
Approx running time 80 mins
Only £13 plus £1.72 p&p
Cheques payable to ADBIG
Download Order Form
Peter Trevaskis, A&D Sales
1 The Oaks
Pirbright Road
Guildford, Surrey. GU3 2HT
 2006 Running Day, DVD
Please Note: The DVD's are in -R format and may not be recognised by some older DVD players

Audio Tapes
The 'Tracco' at War @ £5.00 + £1.72 p&p
Tracco and Animals @ £5.00 + £1.72 p&p........................... More on Tapes
The Main Road - service 14 @ £5.00 + £1.72 p&p
Also available on CD
The 'Tracco' at War @ £5.00 + £1.72 p&p
Tracco and Animals @ £5.00 + £1.72 p&p
Please Note: These CD are CD-R and some older players might not play them.

A&D Badges
Double Pin Lapel Badge of A&D Scroll 50mm x 20mm
Pin Badge of AEC Reliance 543 (MOR 581) 25mm x 20mm
Pin Badge of Dennis Lance K3 145 (GOU 845) 25mm x 20mm
Pin Badge of Dennis Lance K4 220 (LOU 48) 25mm x 20mm
Pin Badge of Dennis Lancet 178 (HOU 904) 25mm x 20mm
Pin Badge of Dennis Falcon 282 (POR 428) 25mm x 20mm
Pin Badge of Dennis Loline 357 (SOU 465) 25mm x 20mm
All @ £3.50 including P&P each
A set of all seven for £15 including P&P
A&D Scroll
AEC RelianceDennis Lance K3Dennis LancetDennis Lance K4

A&D Pens

Pens (Black) @ 50p + 83p p&p

A&D Ties (ADBIG)

Ties @ £13.50 including P&P (Members only please)

A&D Books
The Story of YELLOW BUS SERVICES Stoughton
(76 Pages with 35 black & white Photos plus many Maps, Timetables and a full Vehicle Fleet List.)
@ £3.50 + £1.72 p&p
50 Years in Preservation
50 Years in Preservation
Aldershot & District Dennis Lance K3 No 145
by Tim Stubbs
28-pages, A5 Illustrated Booklet
@ £3.00 + £1.72 p&p

All these items are available from Peter Trevaskis, A&D Sales
Please make cheques payable to Aldershot & District Bus Interest Group
1 The Oaks, Pirbright Road, Normandy, Guildford, Surrey. GU3 2HT

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